We use Nvim-treesitter plugin to have proper syntax highlighting in NvChad. It can be used for various things such as auto indent etc too.

Install parsers

The TSInstall command is used to install treesitter parsers i.e TSInstall <parser>

  • Example :
TSInstall lua html

But this may be tedious when you have so many parsers to install and you'd have to repeat this step if you're re-installing nvchad with your old custom settings.

Custom config

  • So now we'll just override the default config and add our own parser names to it.
  • For knowing correct parser names, do check nvim-treesitter docs
  • custom/plugins.lua
    opts = {
      ensure_installed = {
        -- defaults 

        -- web dev 
        -- "vue", "svelte",

       -- low level