NvChad uses lazy.nvim for plugins management. Basically, NvChad expects a user plugin table, which then gets merged with the default plugins table. You can find the default table in: lua/plugins/init.lua.

Lazy loading

We lazy load almost 95% of the plugins, so we expect and recommend you to lazy load the plugins as well, as its efficient in reducing startuptime.

  • We don't want users making NvChad slow just because they didn't lazy load plugins they've added.
  • Please read the lazy.nvim plugin specs docs to know what options are available for lazyloading etc.
  • Try your best to lazy-load a plugin!

Manage custom plugins

All NvChad default plugins will have lazy = true set. Therefore, if you want a plugin to be enabled on startup, change it to lazy = false.

It is recommended that you avoid saving any files in the lua/plugins/* directory.

Our system utilizes the import feature provided bylazy.nvim, which imports all files in a directory and expects each file to return plugin tables. This behavior is undesirable for our purposes, so it is recommended to create a single file named custom/plugins.lua. This file will be imported by lazy.nvim, and no other files in the directory will be processed.

  • custom/chadrc.lua
M.plugins = "custom.plugins"

  • custom/plugins.lua
local plugins = {

  { "elkowar/yuck.vim" , lazy = false },  -- load a plugin at startup

  -- You can use any plugin specification from lazy.nvim
    cmd = { "TZAtaraxis", "TZMinimalist" },
    config = function()
      require "custom.configs.truezen" -- just an example path

  -- this opts will extend the default opts 
    opts = {
      ensure_installed = {"html", "css", "bash"},
    enabled = false,

  -- If your opts uses a function call, then make opts spec a function*
  -- should return the modified default config as well
  -- here we just call the default telescope config 
  -- and then assign a function to some of its options
    opts = function()
      local conf = require "plugins.configs.telescope"
      conf.defaults.mappings.i = {
        ["<C-j>"] = require("telescope.actions").move_selection_next,
        ["<Esc>"] = require("telescope.actions").close,

      return conf

return plugins