NvChad uses luasnip plugin for handling snippets, by default it uses friendly-snippets plugin which provides snippets for many languages .

  • But you would want to extend or add your own snippets so read luasnip docs.


These are the globals you can use to include the path of your snippets. Put them in custom/init.lua.

-- vscode format i.e json files
vim.g.vscode_snippets_path = "your snippets path"

-- snipmate format 
vim.g.snipmate_snippets_path = "your snippets path"

-- lua format 
vim.g.lua_snippets_path = vim.fn.stdpath "config" .. "/lua/custom/lua_snippets"

The above code is an example in which we first get the path of nvim config and then add our custom snippets dir