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What is it?

  • NvChad is a Neovim configuration written in Lua aiming to provide a base configuration with a beautiful UI and blazing fast startup time (around 0.02 secs ~ 0.07 seconds on the basis of hardware)
  • Lazy loading is done 93% of the time, meaning that plugins will not be loaded by default. They are loaded only when required at specific commands, Vim events, etc. This helps in lowering the startup time, making it faster than usual
  • NvChad is not a framework! It is supposed to be used as a "base" configuration for the masses. It aims to provide a specific collection of default plugins which users find to be very useful.

Main Features

Fast by default

Blazing fast startup time as plugins are lazy loaded wherever possible; plugins will load only when needed.

Beautiful UI

NvChad provides a pretty UI while still embracing the CLI; UI plugins are themed with visual elegance.

Highly customizable

Default plugins, options, and themes can easily be disabled or overriden via the chadrc file.

Update mechanism

Built-in update mechanism to stay up to date with the latest changes while preserving user configuration.

Powered by Lua

Configuration is completely written in Lua which integrates well with the latest Lua API of Neovim and plugins written in Lua.

Prettiest themes

30+ inbuilt beautiful themes, say bye-bye to theme plugins!