Icons not working

  • Setup a nerdfont as your terminal's default font.

Set highlight groups

  • For that you have to add highlight groups in hl_override ( existing ones which NvChad defines), for new ones, use hl_add.
  • Check theming docs for detailed info.

Customize theme colors

  • Use changed_themes option in chadrc. check theming docs for detailed info.

Custom local base46 themes

  • To make a custom local theme thats of the base46 format, you have to create /custom/themes/mytheme.lua. Check base46 docs for more info.

Can I remove base46?

  • No, NvChad hard-depends on base46, just use another config.

Mapping Ctrl + o / i keys

  • In Nvchad <Tab> & <S-Tab> are mapped by default and nvim maps to <C-i> if <Tab> key is mapped. Check

  • To map those keys, you should either disable <Tab> in your custom mappings file or have certain settings in your terminal config, for exampele: alacritty config :

   - { key: I, mods: Control, chars: "\x1b[105;6u" }

NvChad's color is weird

  • You might be using a terminal that doesn't support true color. This problem is very common for those who use the default MacOS terminal, opt to use iterm2 instead.