Things to know before contributing

  • When making a PR (pull request), please be very descriptive about what you've done.

  • We are open to all PRs, but may decline some for many of reasons. Don't be discouraged, though! We're still open to discussion.

  • PR's are always welcome; however, NvChad aims to be less bloated. So PR's regarding an existing plugin's enhancement and creating new features with existing plugins itself (without adding a new plugin), bug fixes, and corrections are more encouraged.

  • NvChad won't keep adding more and more features (like adding new plugins) as requested if they feel unneeded and aren't usable by the majority. If you think the plugin you want to be added is very useful and many NvChaders would find it useful, then such PR's are welcome.

Format your PR with StyLua

Other ways to contribute

  • Help other nvchad users on GitHub discussions, issues, our discord/matrix server, telegram group.
  • Star NvChad GitHub repo.
  • If you would like to appreciate siduck's work ( creator of NvChad ) via funding, then check.