Announcing NvChad v2.0

v2.0 poster


## Added

- Lazy.nvim package manager
- NvDash (dashboard module)
- Multiple statusline themes : vscode, vscode_colored, minimal. 
- Some cmp styles : flat_light, flat_dark, atom, atom_colored
- NvCheatsheet, a mappings cheatsheet with 2 themes (grid & simple)
- Ported 13 new themes to base46 
- Made base46 generate compiled cache of highlight groups.
- Make some chadrc ui options auto-reloadable.
- Added types for chadrc options.

## Changed 

- Made nvchad_ui options overridable from chadrc itself.
- Refactored our telescope extensions, made them more minimal.
- override_opts is renamed to opts (cuz lazy.nvim handles it now)
- M.plugins in chadrc now expects only a string

## Removed

- Alpha.nvim dashboard plugin
- Packer.nvim package manager
- Impatient.nvim as lazy.nvim handles cache part too.

NvChad v2.0, a new release is now available, after all these months! From this release onwards, NvChad will take care about stability & exciting featuers at the same time.

Meaning that each release (version like v3.0 v4.0 etc) will be maintained in their own separate branches. New versions will release based on new features, bug fixes will still be done in older versions of NvChad.

So Whats new in this release?

Using lazy.nvim

  • Lazy.nvim is used as the package manager, replacing packer so obviously it has minor syntax changes.

Cachifying base46

  • Before base46 used to do some sort of computations like checking for user define highlight groups, highlight groups overrides, theme specific overrides i.e if user has changed colors in specific themes etc and then it would generate a final list of all highlight groups -> then load them.

  • Now it base46 does all the computations beforehand (when its compile module runs) and then generates highlight group files in the form of bytecode which is faster to run.

  • Now you can live-reload some parts of the UI table in chadrc.

  • 13 New themes have been added so now we in total have around 57 ~ themes! Check the theme page for more details


  • Nvdash is NvChad's minimal dashboard module, It's very simple at this stage and will get more features in the future!
  • NvDash is the command


New cmp styles

  • Now we have around 4-5 cmp styles, you can remove their icons, cmp_kind text directly from chadrc itself now.


Statusline themes

  • 3 new statusline themes have been added! (the first one is the default)

NvChad statusline


  • Auto-generated mappings cheatsheet module which has a similar layout to that of CSS's masonry layout.
  • It will list both default & user keys and their descriptions.
  • It has 2 themes (grid & simple)
  • Command to toggle it : NvCheatsheet and mapping leader + ch


Chadrc completion

chadrc types

  • Big thanks to @Lucario387 for adding types to chadrc options. This will get you autocompletions for all NvChad options in the chadrc file!


  • To have a custom config quickstart, you can check the example_config. If you want something featureful, check its v2.0_featureful branch.

Notice To v1.0 users

As there's lazy.nvim being used in this release so this might be a breaking change for you, but dont worry, you can still use old NvChad version and slowly migrate to v2.0.

  • Migration changes are mentioned in this section.